Especially for SCHOOLS

OurMISSION for Drug Testing in Schools is similar to that for our corporate clients:    We support the highest standards of education, training and exposure to life’s lessons in an environment free of the chemical impairment of abused and misused drugs by providing random testing and substance abuse counseling to discourage their use.

The use of illegal drugs among 12 to 18 year olds has been and continues to be a serious problem and an ongoing challenge to those entrusted with their education.  The use of marijuana and the miuses of prescription medications and other readily accessible chemical substances is on the rise in this age group. 

Drug use among students impacts not only the individual user, but the academic environment as a whole.  Students are exposed to the very real presence of illicit drugs in their midst and many are faced with the dicision to experiement through peer pressure.

KMA Certified Testing has the resources for providing efficient, cost effective on-site drug screening of your students involved in extracurricular activities, as outlined by the United States Supreme Court.  While this sampling limits the student body at large, it does provide for an increased awareness of the use of drugs in schools and it promotes the implementation of counseling and treatment for those who may be impacted by drug use.